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Anti-Fog splash shield safety goggles surgical against liquid splash safety over glasses. Perfect for Eye Protection and a superior protective safety glass to protect the health of you and your family! OTG (Over-the-Glass) design fits comfortably over prescription eyewear; protects against impacts, dust, airborne particles and chemical splashes Clear Polycarbonate lens lens, good visual effect, splash-proof, anti-scratch coating protective eyewear, effective for isolation Made with a soft, flexible PVC body to ensure proper fit and comfort. The wraparound side shield construction provides a perfect fit and seal The elastic band design to facilitate the fastening of the head circumference. It has wide space and it's suitable for various head circumferences Anti-spatter:Saliva, bacteria and other invisible viruses Anti-chemical:Chemicals in study, work, and life Anti-dust:Cycling or windy weather, outdoor sand and dust Anti-UV:Protect from UV rays and light from welding during eye damage Anti-spitting splash:Using high-quality lenses, effective waterproof and impact resistance, blocking saliva and spray, safe travel

anti-fog goggle

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